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Flora & Fauna

Williamsburg is located in Blair County, which has over 1,000 confirmed flora and fauna species. Williamsburg has a total land area of 0.4 square miles, much of which is forested. The forested areas are deciduous North Appalachian forests, which are primarily populated by Maple trees. The primary trees were once American Chestnut and Green and White Ash trees, but they have since died off, likely due to climate change. Still, the soil remains rich for natural plant growth and commercial farming. In fact, the Williamsburg soil contains a lot of fly ash, which is attributed to the coal burning activity of an electricity production company that was previously located in the area. 

Over the years, climate change has introduced nonnative plants and animals to the area that disrupt the ecosystem. So, it is important to encourage native biodiversity to keep the ecosystem stable. It is especially important to continue planting trees and encourage biodiversity along the trails of Williamsburg because the forest is quite ‘mature’. In response, there are initiatives being led by local volunteers. 

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