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History Tour


Jacob Ake came to Williamsburg from Maryland in 1790. Unlike many who came around that time, he was not looking for a location to build an iron furnace. He simply loved the area, especially the large spring, and decided to move here. He purchased 600 acres of land at $6 per acre in 1795. A surveyor plotted out 120 lots for people to lease and 5 streets. Front and Second Streets ran parallel to the river while High, Plum, and Spring Streets ran perpendicular to the river.


What started as an elementary history lesson, has since turned into a tour on foot through the community that a local retired teacher does a few times a year. Experience our town's rich history in an on-demand, virtual capacity!


#1: Corner of High and Second Streets 

#2: The Williamsburg Hotel - 221 High Street

#3: Corner of High Street and Academy Alley

#4: Corner of Plum Street and Academy Alley

#5: Presbyterian Cemetery - 408 Liberty Street

#6: Corner of Liberty and East Third Streets

#7: Corner of E Second and Spring Streets 

#8: Corner of Front and High Streets

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